10 Great Black Podcasts You Should Be Listening To

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Submitted by Patience Adamu, Head of Content at Braided Media

The podcasting space has exploded over the past few years. Back in 2006, only 22 percent of the adult population in the United States was aware of podcasting. By 2021, this figure had risen to 78 percent.

In 2018 there were about 525,000 podcasts on Apple Podcast. That number has now risen to well over 2 million.

There’s a podcast for every interest and every subject. And there are some awesome podcasts hosted and created by Black people.

Here are 10 that we think you should be listening to this month.

54 Lights

Created by Malawian-Canadian, Kondwani Mwase, 54Lights is dedicated to celebrating creators who define culture and continue to shape our world. The show tells the stories you rarely hear—of artists, musicians and innovative entrepreneurs in an attempt to showcase the rich complexity of Africa and its people.

Big, Beautiful and Winning: The Pregnancy

Created and hosted by Nigerian-Canadian, Patience Adamu, BBW is a 10-episode limited series chronicling an unconventional journey through pregnancy as a happily unmarried Black mother-to-be. In the series Patience tackles experiences of shame, abandonment and overcoming as she comes to terms with motherhood in the twenty-first century.


Hosted by Jamaican-Canadian, Claudette McGowan – in partnership with her employer TD Bank — the C Suite podcast is elevating cyber literacy for everyday people. Join Claudette McGowan, TD Bank’s Global Executive Officer for Cyber Security, as she explores how cyber-attacks happen and what we can do to avoid them. From phishing schemes to robocalls and even huge corporate hacks, on this show, Claudette meets with C Suite leaders to discuss cyber challenges and ways to help people become more protected and resilient.

Empowered in my Skin

With over 100 episodes to choose from Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson’s Empowered in My Skin, is a podcast with a mission to help humans think in a way that is empowering. This Nigerian-Canadian believes that “Empowered humans, empower humans” and wants you to become that lead domino!

KIF Radio

Who doesn’t love kicking back to the curated sounds of some of the best DJs? KIF Radio is a bi-weekly music podcast showcasing nothing but the most recent R&B & African vibes from the legends of tomorrow.

Made to Lead

The show tells the personal and professional stories of amazing people of African descent who are leading in their various spaces. Hosted by Nigerian-Canadian Aziz Garuba, each episode features an interview with a dynamic individual about their achievements, challenges, dreams and aspirations. These candid conversations are meant to showcase the wonderful talent of the African diaspora, and to inspire you to take action because you are also made to lead.

Narratives of Purpose

Swiss-based, Rwandan-born thought-leader Claire Murigande hosts incredible thinkers from around the world on her podcast Narratives of Purpose. Already an award-winning podcast, this show highlights ordinary people making extraordinary social impact by empowering youth and underserved communities, contributing to healthcare initiatives, or developing sustainable businesses.

The Talk Shop

On the Talk Shop Bernie & Chimdi discuss a wide range of current affairs relevant to millennial gentlemen. Drawing from their experiences growing up in Nigeria, the United States and Canada the two long-time friends give listeners a feel for how men in their age bracket think. Listen in for a laugh or some perspective.

Why Aren’t You Married?

Nigerian Temi Kolarinwa brings his sense of humour to his podcast Why Aren’t You Married. A light-hearted podcast about tying the knot through an African lens.

The LifeIQ Podcast 

The LifeIQ Podcast is hosted by David Oladejo, a Gen Z (or Zoomer) attempting to navigate and find his footing in life through a series of common and uncommon questions with his guests. Conversations cover topics like – careers, relationships, social justice, success, and creating – all with the goal of trying to uncover life lessons that resonate with young people

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