About Us

The exclusive, private community for high-performing Black professionals

Navigating the vast sea of technology, Outgrid is your steadfast partner, steering your business toward unchartered territories of innovation, efficiency, and sustainable success.

An odyssey of innovation

Our Story

Our story started with the vision and commitment of Aziz Garuba and Delmar Miller, two seasoned professionals with a profound passion for community building and leadership. Through their leadership in a community association for Black professionals in the finance sector, they identified a pressing need for a unified space that connects Black professionals across different industries to foster collaboration, growth, and mutual success.

Motivated by this insight, Aziz and Delmar set out to create just that. In 2022, BlackTies was launched with a singular mission: to nurture a generation of high-achieving Black professionals worldwide by facilitating genuine connections, expanding professional networks, and unlocking opportunities for career elevation and professional development.

At BlackTies, we believe in the power of community, the importance of visibility, and the strength of authentic connections. We are more than just a platform; we are a movement towards creating a world where Black professionals thrive, lead, and inspire.

Join us as we chart a course towards excellence, one connection at a time.


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Team members

BlackTies members can be found in some of the biggest companies and startups in the world, across various industries.

Our impact

A voyage of meaningful footprints

Outgrid has propelled a myriad of businesses toward their zenith of success and efficiency with our avant-garde IT solutions. Our impact is not just reflected in the operational elevation of our clients but also in the positive ripples we create in the communities and industries we touch.
Our Values

Guiding principles of our voyage


Steering towards undiscovered opportunities with pioneering solutions


Navigating business landscapes with honesty, and transparency


Sailing forward with teamwork, client partnerships, and collective growth


Charting paths that ensure prosperity for businesses and our planet alike


Guiding every decision, strategy, and innovation with a client-first approach

Where innovation and strategy converge

Navigating through the intricate webs of the digital realm, our technology ecosystem is crafted with a blend of advanced tools, strategic foresights, and a dash of revolutionary thinking.