Frequently Asked Questions

What is BlackTies?

BlackTies is an exclusive membership community designed for ambitious Black professionals. Our dynamic platform empowers members to forge meaningful connections, expand networks, and elevate careers to unprecedented heights.

What are the requirements for BlackTies membership?

BlackTies fosters professional growth, authentic connections, and personal development among Black professionals.

BlackTies welcomes members from all backgrounds and industries, from all over the world. To qualify for membership, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  • Members must be current or aspiring professionals within their respective fields.
  • Potential members must demonstrate a genuine interest in personal and professional development.
  • Members must be willing to actively engage with the community. This means participating in events, contributing to discussions, sharing insights, and offering support to fellow members.
  • Members must respect and value diversity within the Black community itself, including different backgrounds, perspectives, and experiences.
  • Members must have and maintain a LinkedIn profile for identity and professional experience validation.
  • Members should be willing to contribute to the community’s growth and the success of its members. This could be through mentoring, sharing opportunities, providing insights and feedback, or contributing resources.
How do I apply for membership?

Feel free to apply for membership through this application. If you’ve been referred by a current BlackTies member, please remember to list their name.

How much does membership cost?

You can join BlackTies as a Basic member for FREE.

We will be launching a BlackTies Gold membership soon.

BlackTies Gold members will enjoy exclusive access to premium events, learning opportunities through BlackTies Academy, career coaching and more.

If you want to be a BlackTies Gold member, the investment will be $35/month or $350/year.

Are BlackTies events free?

As a BlackTies member, you can attend a number of free events. However there are some events that are ticketed. The fee for these events are to cover the operating costs for the event including venue, technology, food and drinks, facilitator fees, and more.

Fee-based events also ensure attendance by a committed individuals and a valuable experience for all members. 

I'm not Black, can I still join?

While the community focuses on uplifting Black professionals, members should possess an inclusive mindset, welcoming allies and supporters from other backgrounds who are genuinely interested in supporting the community’s mission.

Let's shape the future, together

Embrace the BlackTies experience and ignite your full potential as we redefine success for the next generation of Black excellence!